Friction eliminator

ZX1 Micro is a friction eliminator, derived from motor racing.

It is often confused with "Engine Oil Additives", when in fact ZX1 Micro is a Metal Treatment, and therefore totally different from other engine treatments currently available on the market.

ZX1 does not contain particles such as Teflon or P.T.F.E.

ZX1 Micro does not change the properties of the oil, or other lubricant, but chemically bonds to metal surfaces, protecting the metal contact surfaces. It allows the oil to perform better and achieve significant results

ZX1 Micro acts as a microscopic intermediate friction protection layer that continues to function after the oil film has broken. It is measurably effective at extreme pressures and temperatures (see video).

ZX1 Micro can be used in engines, gearboxes (manual and automatic) and tanks.

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