DoTi Tracking

Geolocation system

DoTi is a range of extremely easy to use professional geolocation systems offering many solutions for both companies and individuals. DoTi has a track & trace solution for all types of vehicles: Motorbikes, Quads, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Agricultural vehicles, Construction vehicles, Containers, Electric bikes, etc...

Thanks to its mobile application or web platform, you have real time access and full control over your vehicle wherever it is. 

Our applications :

  • Eco driving, 
  • Crash detection, 
  • Electronic logbook, 
  • Fleet management, 
  • Pay as you drive, 
  • Break-in protection
  • Real-time tracking, 
  • Car sharing
  • etc…

 There is already a solution for your vehicle from 299,-€ with 1 year service included

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